Earlier this week, internet famous comedy folk duo and ideal girlfriend templates Garfunkel and Oates swapped their acoustic guitars and sweet singing voices for some dollar store bling and go harder than Khaled in their new song about an evening of old fashioned fun gone horribly wrong in This Party Took A Turn For The Douche, the results are adorable.

There’s a complex moral quandary that one faces when dealing with joke rap songs, and this song manages to avoid the most common problems facing the joke rap industry. While I can appreciate the humor in rapping about how to be cool about fire safety, joke rapping about the quantity of time spent on a boat or how flame broiled burgers are the most authentic taste of urban street life are just stupid and patronizing… oops! I meant patronizzle. That’s why I appreciate videos like these, where the performers openly celebrate their differences from traditional hip hop, and build upon it, while simultaneously addressing the issue of and internal parallels between joke rappers and douchebags, which we all agree are worse than Nazis. I think we’ve finally reached a point where the douchebag stereotype has become so universally despised that poisoning their Ed Hardy wine would be seen as perfectly justified in the eyes of the law. “Your honor, my client had no choice but to run that group of people over with his truck, they were spotted exiting the PATH and had a table reserved at Angels & Kings”, Harry Hamlin revealed to the judge and jury. Case Dismissed!

Posted by: Jeff